Pain-free Dentistry

Waterlase Dentistry is a more gentle method to fix tooth decay.

Since tooth enamel is the hardest material in the human body, Dentists have traditionally used drills to remove decay.

With Waterlase Dentistry using the Biolase MD, your Plymouth, MN dentists at Northwoods Dental may be able to avoid the shots and numb lip that accompany the use of traditional dental drills.

The Biolase-Waterlase MD uses a fine spray of water and laser light to create a reaction that has the effect of cutting hard substances such as your teeth.  For many procedures, this can be done without little or no use of anesthetics.  The use of this laser technology in dentistry helps limit the amount of tooth structure that needs to be removed to eliminate decay.

The Waterlase can also be used for soft tissue procedures like a frenectomy (tongue/ lip tie), gingivectomy (gum tissue) or operculectomy (tissue overgrowth).

The Biolasse-Wasterlase MD allows us our professionals to work quickly, minimizing any potential for bleeding during these difficult procedures.  The Waterlase is also very helpful with crown lengthening procedures and for crowns and bridges in general.

The Biolase-Waterlase MD is just one of the advanced technologies that Northwoods Dental uses to provide it’s patients with the best possible cosmetic dentistry services.