Crowns and Bridges

Northwoods Dental of Plymouth, MN uses materials for tooth restoration that best serve the patient’s goals as well as their budget.

Technology such as CEREC can often provide the desired results. When Crowns or Bridges are required, the Northwoods Dentists can provide you with many options based on your budget and what is best for your smile.

One of the newer technologies in dental Crowns and Bridges is creating them with crystal Zirconia. Yes, Zirconia is the stuff made famous for simulating diamonds, but this same material is a great substructure for tooth restoration. Zirconia is stronger than the metals often used in Crowns and Bridges and is also more translucent.

When porcelain matched to the color of your teeth is overlaid on the Zirconia substructure, the result is a much more realistic, whiter and more translucent restoration. Since Zirconia is 100% biocompatible and up to 5 times stronger than all-porcelain restorations, it is fast becoming the material of choice for both patients and dentists.


“I am very pleased with my decision to have Northwoods Dental recently service my dental needs including a porcelain crown and three veneers. I did my homework prior to my initial consultation and found that there was no reason to shop around after my first visit. The high degree of welcoming professionalism from the moment I stepped in the door throughout my entire visit was simply above and beyond other dental offices I’ve been to in the past. Dr. Scharf and staff really know how to treat the patient rather than just getting the job done. I was comforted by his experience, state of the art technology, and the high degree of personable confidence by everyone I encountered during my visit.” B.S.