Orthodontics & Removable Braces

ClearCorrect is an invisible alternative to braces.

With ClearCorrect, you will have no wires, brackets and, best of all, no reason NOT to smile! With these clear, nearly invisible, custom removable aligners, your teeth will gradually straighten.

As your teeth begin to become more straight, new aligners will continue the process resulting in the best possible smile.

The process starts with your Northwoods dentist taking impressions, x-rays and photos. These are then sent to the ClearCorrect manufacturing facility where your aligners are made. These custom-made aligners are then sent back to Northwoods Dental with precise instructions.

Hygiene, control, clarity and results are all better with ClearCorrect and the convenience of these tooth alignment devices make them a superior alternative to traditional wire braces.

With ClearCorrect aligners, most people won’t have any idea that you are in the middle of the “teeth straightening” process. You won’t get the cuts and scrapes that often happen with traditional braces. You will be able to eat what you want, floss and brush your teeth. Best of all, you will soon have the best smile possible.

To learn more about the ClearCorrect braces alternative or for a no charge consult, contact Northwoods Dental at 763 557 0911.