Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays are a valuable diagnostic tool.

Digital radiographic technology gives our dentists and dental hygienists the ability to observe, interpret and extract information not readable with conventional X-Rays. This allows our doctors to diagnose and treat dental problems earlier, before pain or larger expenses occur.

X-ray images, also called dental radiographs, have long been an invaluable tool for dentists to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Most adults that have visited a dentist have had the experience of getting x-ray images of their teeth. Many dentists still use the traditional type of X-Ray equipment, but the new Digital X-Ray technology at Northwoods Dental uses about 70% less radiation.

In addition to less radiation and greater convenience, digital X-Rays also allow the dentist to use a process called Subtraction Radiography. Since digital X-Rays can be stored in a computer, new digital images can be compared with old digital images. The dentist can use a computer to then subtract out the similarities between the two images and see if there have been any changes to your tooth structure since your last visit. This can help diagnose problems earlier and help prevent possible dental pain and reduce the expense of dental services.

Digital X-Rays help the patients of Northwoods Dental receive superior dental treatment on their first visit and as the years go by.