ZOOM Teeth Whitening

Our office provides the latest in whitening technology, the Zoom In-Office Whitening System.

Zoom is a whitening procedure that is safe, fast and convenient. It is a very popular cosmetic dental service at our friendly practice.

The Zoom In-Office Whitening System uses a combination of specially formulated lightening agents and a hydrogen peroxide based bleach to whiten your teeth. Our patients often achieve whitening of 6-10 shades in one visit.

We can also equip you with regular home touch up kits that will help you maintain a beautiful white smile indefinitely. Our goal at Northwoods Dental is to help our dental patients achieve healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. Teeth whitening with ZOOM is an integral part in obtaining a beautiful smile!

Call Northwoods Dental today at (763) 557-0911. Ask about ZOOM In-Office Whitening! Your smile will thank you.